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Tri-Lakes Management District was formed in 1984 by property owners of the three lake associations. A statutory taxing body, its commissioners are elected from each of the three lake Property Owners Associations. Tri-Lakes works with our lake residents and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to maintain and preserve water quality, and actively safeguard the shorelines and water resources at each location. The Tri-Lakes Management District has five commissioners, one from each lake association and one from the Town and County Board. All meetings are open attendance, however, voting privileges are granted only to those owning property within the lake district boundaries.

Tri-Lakes Management
1555 Apache Ave.
Nekoosa, WI 54457
E-mail: lakedist@wctc.net
PHONE: (715)325-3250
Summer Hours: Mon - Fri 8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
Winter Hours: Call to Verify

Tri-Lakes meetings are held every other Wednesday evening at 6 pm at
1555 Apache Ave.

For services offered via Tri-Lakes (Barley straw bales to assist in controlling algae.  Annual Tri-Lakes Meetings, the Sanitary District, etc.) please contact the Tri-Lakes Management District at 715-325-3250.

For lake levels call Tri-Lakes Mgmt. 715-325-3250 - Adams County Land & Water 608-339-4268

or go to www.adamscountylwcd.net/Adams-County-Owed-Dams./hml


What happens to the Special Charge that I pay each year to the Tri-Lakes?

 While some individuals would have you believe that the Special Charge goes only to support lake clean-up activities, the full truth is that many other activities of the lake district are also funded by the Special Charge.

 In addition to operating the harvesters, the Special Charge also covers the following:

  • The Water Testing program conducted on all of the lakes as well as in the upper watershed.  Tests are conducted monthly for phosphorus and bi-monthly for chlorophyll at 30 sites.
  • Insurance coverage for our maintenance building and office, our trucks, trailers and harvesters, workman’s compensation and overall liability coverage.
  • The Clean Boats, Clean Waters program employs 3 summer interns to man the public boat landings.  They educate boaters and monitor for compliance with the State’s Aquatic Invasive Species laws to control/prevent the further spread of invasives.
  • Our long-range capital fund is added to each year so that when a purchase is needed, the impact of the funds used are spread over several years, thus eliminating sudden spikes in the Special Charge.
  • Fish stocking in each of the lakes which this year included stocking walleyes.
  • Barley straw bags which help to inhibit algae growth on the lakes.


As you can see, the $48 per parcel Special Charge provides funding for many activities of the district -- some would say, it’s quite a bargain!


The mission of the Tri-Lakes lake district is to pursue activities that positively impact the cleanliness and health of our lake community.  All property owners in the lake district have access to the lakes and the amenities that they provide.  In the end, we all benefit from the services and feel that the per parcel charge is the fairest way to spread the costs amongst all property owners.  We are a community.  As members of our community, we all share in the benefits of living here and in the responsibilities of maintaining our greatest natural resource – the lakes.

Lake Management Plan

Chapter 92 of the Wisconsin State Statutes established the Adams County Land and Water Conservation Committee (LWCC) and the Adams County Land and Water Conservation Department (LWCD). The LWCC and LWCD have the responsibility of conserving long-term soil productivity, protecting the quality of related natural resources, enhancing water quality and focusing on severe soil erosion problems.

The Tri-Lakes Management District was formed in 1978 to monitor lake water quality and implement best management practices to maintain and improve lake water quality and quantity on Arrowhead Lake, Sherwood Lake, and Camelot Lake (Tri-Lakes).


History - /uploads/ckfiles/files/History%20of%20District.pdf


Lake Management Plan Introduction - /uploads/ckfiles/files/Tri%20Lakes%20Introduction-consolidated.pdf


Lake Management Plan Goals & Action Items - /uploads/ckfiles/files/Tri%20Lakes%20Goals-Word%20Rev%205-14-13.pdf

Lake Management Plan Appendices - /uploads/ckfiles/files/Appendix%20A.pdf - /uploads/ckfiles/files/Appendix%20C%20(2).pdf - /uploads/ckfiles/files/Appendix%20D.pdf - /uploads/ckfiles/files/APPENDIX%20L.pdf

Table of Accomplishments - /uploads/ckfiles/files/Tri%20Lakes%20TABLE%20OF%20ACCOMPLISHMENTS.pdf 


Barley Straw Notice

Barley Straw: There is something unique to barley straw (unlike other forms of straw) that helps to control the amount of algae in the water. As the straw decomposes in the lake, it releases a natural chemical which inhibits algal growth. This method is a good alternative to using copper-containing compounds since it is not known to have toxic effects on rooted aquatic plants, zooplankton, insect larvae or fish. It is a cost-effective and environmentally acceptable way to control algae in ponds and lakes.

The decomposition process is temperature dependent. The best time to place under piers is mid to late April as it takes approximately six to eight weeks for the decomposing straw to produce enough of the growth inhibiting chemical. Once the straw begins to produce sufficient amounts of the chemical, it is likely to control algae for four to six months.

Bags of barley straw are provided at no cost to Tri-Lakes property owners. Two bags per pier are allowed. They can be picked up at our office at 1555 Apache Ave.



SATURDAY May 11 Only  FROM 9:00 A.M. – Noon



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Guidelines of Weed Harvesting

Citizen Tri-Lakes Monitoring Project

Too much phosphorus is not a good thing

Water Data Summary


Lake Associations

Lake Arrowhead Association
1195 Apache Lane
Nekoosa, WI 54457
(715) 325-2941
E-mail: lakearro@wctc.net

Lake Camelot Association
298 Leisure Lane
Nekoosa, WI 54457
(715) 325-5031
E-mail: lcpoa@scacable.com

Lake Sherwood Association
1146 W Queens Way
Nekoosa, WI 54487
(715) 325-2636
E-mail: lspoa@wctc.net


Archer Park

Barnum Bay

West Wind Shores